It’s very easy to enroll into the Virus Hunters program! Just provide the details asked for and sign up for the program. When this is done, the K7VH (K7VirusHunters) administrator will process and approve the registration after validation.

K7VH Vendor ID is unique to each partner and should be stored and retained with confidentiality.

In order to earn points, the K7 VirusHunter will enter the box numbers of K7 products available with him, in the portal. When the keys in the boxes are activated, the count is automatically updated in the VH account. Accumulated K7VH points can be viewed any time by logging into their own K7VH account.

This is only a beginning of a significant chapter in our effort to give more to our hard working partners in the Indian market.
We look forward to having you in our K7VirusHunters Program!

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